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Research & Development

To stay at the forefront of technology, universities, institutes, and manufacturers conduct R&D on a continuous basis, seeking solutions for the many global challenges of today. From lighting to data-storage to clean energy sources, the quest for higher-efficiency products that provide higher performance at lower cost and in smaller form-factors are the main drivers of R&D.

Plasma-Therm from its inception has been a research partner as well as a supplier to many of the leading universities and R&D institutes worldwide. In addition, Plasma-Therm performs R&D internally to continuously improve system performance and quality. With manual-load, single-substrate, and cassette-to-cassette configurations, Plasma-Therm systems provide a range of plasma etch and deposition solutions for R&D.

Advanced process control with Plasma-Therm's EndpointWorks™ gives researchers valuable insight into their etch and PECVD processes, and this, along with reproducibility and low maintenance, makes Plasma-Therm a premier supplier to R&D organizations.

Typical Applications

  • Etch
           - Si
           - SiN
           - SiC
           - PSS (patterned sapphire substrate)
           - GaN
           - GaAs
           - AlGaInP (and related materials)
           - GaP
           - Quartz

  • Deposition
           - SiNx PECVD stress controlled at high rates with excellent conformality
           - SiO2—High breakdown voltage, low stress, low temperature

  • Wafer Singulation



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