KOBUS products using F.A.S.T. & PECVD technologies


Plasma-Therm's KOBUS product line offers a dedicated solution for single wafer deposition utilizing F.A.S.T. and PECVD technologies for both R&D and production customers.

Fast Atomic Sequential Technology (F.A.S.T.®)

Based on proprietary CVD reactor design, combined with pulsed capability, F.A.S.T.® is optimal for thick and conformal layer deposition and offers new solutions for 3D integration challenges.

At the crossroads of CVD and ALD deposition techniques, F.A.S.T.® delivers:

  • Unique film properties
  • Best in class solution for thick and conformal layers
  • ALD film performance at CVD speed

Click here for more information about F.A.S.T. technology.

PECVD Technology

Plasma-Therm has also developed mature deposition solutions:

  • KOBUS Silane     
    - Oxide/nitride/oxynitride/a-Si/µc-Si/a-SiC (doped and undoped)
    - From thick to very thin (µm’s to 10’s nm)
    - Easily tunable (stress, RI, dielectric characteristics)
    - Plasma used for clean and pre-treatment and post-treatment
    - Optional RPS cleaning system (based on NF3/Ar)
    - Oxide (doped and un-doped)
    - Doped layer for conformal film/buffer application
    - Direct liquid injection for precursors (without bubbling)
    - Plasma used for clean and pre-treatment and post-treatment



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