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Deep Silicon Etch™ used in MEMS/NEMS applications

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MEMS and NEMS (micro-electro mechanical systems and nano-electro mechanical systems) are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in consumer and industrial products, including smartphones and tablets, automobiles, scientific equipment, and medical devices. The technology allows fabrication of incredibly small sensors, actuators, optical and acoustical components, filters and detectors.

MEMS/NEMS devices are increasingly widespread in a variety of technology areas:

  • Electronics
  • Fluidics
  • Mechanics
  • Magnetics
  • Acoustics
  • Optics

Among the many devices that have been commercialized are inkjet printheads, gyroscopes, accelerometers, microphones, and oscillators.

Enabling technologies

Plasma-Therm has developed equipment and processes for deep silicon and oxide etching required to fabricate MEMS/NEMS devices.

  • Profile control with parameter morphing (patented)
  • Smooth side wall with short process step times
  • Fast Gas Switching (patented)
  • Fast and stable pressure control (patented)
  • Solid-state RF tuning
  • Notchless silicon-on-insulator etching (patent pending)
  • Innovative RF bias waveform
  • Patented endpoint detection techniques
  • Aspect-ratio-dependent etching reduction (patent pending)
  • Process stability (temperature-stabilized ICP)

The application of these technologies has resulted in unmatched process flexibility and latitude. Additionally, these technologies result in industry-leading selectivities to mask material.

Plasma-Therm continues to develop specific solutions for the MEMS/NEMS industry.



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