Etch and PECVD technology applications in nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is the study and use of materials on an atomic or molecular scale. Nanotechnology is typically less than 100 nm in a single dimension and has the potential to create many new materials and devices with applications in medicine, electronics and energy production.

By leveraging the use of photomask, DSE™, and other core technologies, as well as an in-depth understanding of critical dimensions at a nano scale, Plasma-Therm continues to serve the needs of the growing nanotechnology market.

A strong history of collaborations within the nanotechnology sector and an extensive reach within the R&D market positions Plasma-Therm to help customers with their research and development goals.

Typical applications

  • Gratings
  • Channels
  • Arrays (e.g. patterned media)
  • Film stacks
  • High aspect ratio structures
  • Low temperature deposition
  • Wafer dicing (die singulation)

Controllable etching of gratings and arrays is achieved with low power processes for III-V materials.

Nano-imprint structures in quartz materials is done using knowledge from Plasma-Therm’s extensive photomask program.

For deposition on nano structures, Plasma-Therm has low temperature PECVD processes including silicon nitride, silicon oxide, oxy-nitrides and amorphous silicon.

Process matching to various applications is possible due to a variety in selection of Plasma-Therm equipment. For example, Plasma-Therm systems span from atmospheric loading to large format cassette-to-cassette.

Each system provides the latitude to vary process chemistries with minimal system reconditioning.



Detail Images

Submicron silicon nitride trenches

Silicon photonic crystal


Submicron silicon oxide dot array

Submicron GaAs grating


Submicron silicon trenches



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