Vision 310 PECVD


Vision 310 PECVD

The Vision 310 PECVD is a fundamental deposition system for semiconductor fabrication and material science facilities. Used in R&D and low volume production applications, the classic parallel plate configuration provides a wide range of high quality, uniform films.

Simple installation and operation, reliable hardware and software suite, coupled with a small footprint, make the Vision 310 PECVD the most cost effective turnkey solution in its class.


  • Optimized showerhead ensures high uniformity deposition
  • Mixed frequency 300W 13.56 MHz
    500W 100-460 kHz (optional for Si3N4 stress control)
  • 305mm substrate platen
  • Water cooling not required
  • High temperature electrode up to 380°C
  • Adjustable showerhead to substrate spacing accommodating non-standard substrates
  • CE/UL compliant
  • DeviceNet (digital) field bus for faster, more accurate, and trouble free operation
  • Open load for easy access
  • Best-of-breed OEM components (standard “off the shelf”) for fast parts availability
  • Digital MFCs (metal sealed, isolated)
  • Compact footprint (<0.6 m2)


  • User friendly Digital communication using DeviceNet
  • Data logging and recipe manage through open SQL Server environment
  • Integrated endpoint control
  • Alarm history, multiple user access levels, on-the-fly recipe control
  • Real-time process data display
  • Easy and safe override maintenance screens


  • Extensive deposition process library (includes SiNx, SiO2, a-Si, SiOxNy, and SiC)
  • Stress control
  • High uniformity
  • Tunable index

About the Vision Series platform

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